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Buy Microsoft Key __FULL__

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  • This is a late post, but nonetheless I hope this helps the future clients. They are very supportive when you encounter difficulties in your installation. I bought a ms visio software and I encountered challenges during the installation process. They guided me throughout the whole process and it was even in the late hours of the weekend. My software is now up and running smoothly with my current OS. Very much appreciated. I would highly recommend them for licensed software purchases that they handle. Kudos to this group! Roman Rhienhardt Ladaw10/06/2022

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  • Bought a Windows 10 Home key from them at about 5 AM, and was able to activate my Windows in less than 30 minutes. They even made sure if I was going to activate the right one, since if I was using the Pro version it wouldn't be compatible.Which brings me to their fantastic customer service! Very quick and helpful responses. Very kind and understanding as well. Upon checking my PC, it says that it's activated and bound to my MS account, and when I checked my account, my PC shows up. It all checks out :^)100% would recommend this shop. Super legit and affordable! Will definitely buy from here again! Keep up the great work! ? Maria Castro7/17/2022

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Buy Microsoft Key

Hi, ive upgraded my retail cd version of win 8.1 pro to win 10 pro and is fully activated and functional. Ive also signed up for a microsoft account username and password. From what i heard is the win 10 pro key is tied with your ms account? So if you install on a new hard disk or system it will automatically activate your win 10 pro as soon as you sign in using the ms login. Is is true and will the possibility for end of support free upgrade program affect this auto activation process? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for the informative article, i bought a windows 8.1 pro retail key and installe dthe same on my macbook air, afterwards i took the advantage of the free upgrade program and upgraded it to windows 10 pro, Now i am planning to upgrade by air with the latest macbook pro. Can you please, lemme know is it possible for me to use the windows 8.1 pro key that i received from microsoft store via email to activate windows 10 pro clean install on the macbook pro. If yes please lemme know the exact steps, right from deactivating the key on air to getting it activated on pro. Thanks in advance.

Great article. What about an Education key ? The 2 activations are linked to MS acct. I read a post/reply by you on confirming 2 per Ed key. Wish to deactivate 1 and reactive on another machine. Guessing I would go through the same steps as retail version?


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