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There is a staggering amount of misinformation in OP and the thread in general, which regardless of being deliberately propagated or just a result of ignorance, is wrong.

  1. Being trans isn't a fetish, even though this it is commonly presented as such by the ignorant or hateful. Transgender people do often identify sexually in their mind as their actual transitioned/identified gender (not their biological genitalia or chromosomes) just as a cisgender person does in their mind, but this is not fetishistic, nor does this mean they are necessarily going to be heterosexual or homosexual.

  2. Wolscht did not willingly "leave their responsibilities as the father of seven." Wolscht is trans and was actively undergoing medical care and therapy before being rejected by the wife and family. The wife in particular rejected the family therapy citing that she didn't want "the doctors to push their gay agenda onto the children." Wolscht's wife filed a restraining order against Wolscht, and prohibited Wolscht from seeing their children. The videos show no indication that Wolscht originally intended to neglect their family. Later on, the older Wolscht children were getting married and invited Wolscht to attend the wedding but asked that they do not speak to anyone and come presenting as a man, which is strongly transphobic especially from your own adult children.

  3. Due to the rejection by family and community, Wolscht developed psychological problems, attempted suicide twice, became homeless as a result of difficulty of finding work as a transwoman mechanic, and struggled to reconcile with the family that rejected them. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to cope with that kind of suffering, but to paint their identity/orientation as a fetishistic choice to go through that kind of suffering is textbook LGBTPhobia.

  4. People's sexuality, no matter how distasteful someone might find it, whether it is homosexual, roleplaying, between multiple partners, or between trans people is none of anyone's business as long as it is between consenting adults, which in this case it is.

  5. The giant assumption is that the age thing is the cause of the situation. The age thing (though weird yes), appears to be a coping mechanism, as cited by Wolscht, that has arisen as a result of the suffering and rejection Wolscht had gone through as a result of coming out as trans, rather than the being the original cause as OP has inversely assumed. Would Wolscht have had to cope via a regression of responsibility/identity if not being rejected by their family and community for their trans status from the start? Either way, not having to worry about the world that has rejected you entirely seems analogous to recovering from mental illness in a safe environment isolated from daily tribulations, in this case in an adoptive family rather than in a clinical environment. Ideally, it would be done under medical professional's care rather than the situation with the adoptive family, but that's my personal opinion rather than the reality of the situation.

  6. This is a tragic situation of a trans person. Trans people are human also and face human problems. Not everyone has the resources, support, and societal acceptance like Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black) to transition or come out successfully in the face of extreme social intolerance of trans people. For many trans people, it results in becoming the victim of violence, suicide, or social/familial rejection, etc rather than social/familial reconcilation, interviews, or celebrity. This is one of those cases, and morbidly making wrong assumptions, tearing into their personal life, jumping to conclusions, and moralistically blaming Wolscht while completely ignoring and omitting the extreme suffering they have gone through is wrong. Suggesting that Wolscht wanted to be in a situation where they've lost their job, lost their loved ones, and are attempting suicide, as a result of supposed "fetish-fulfillment" is a nonsensically transphobic position.

All of this twisted misinformation or mistaken view interpretation is the reason why trans people find it so hard to avoid discrimination and violence and achieve the same rights and respect as any human being deserves.

I hope you change your view or at least correct your mistaken assumptions about this tragic case.

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